How it goes from Pik N’ Pack to Ship. Right to your customer’s door.


When your order arrives, we will pick the items and get them ready to pack while keeping your inventory in check.



We’ll pack up your items using the most appropriate packing methods to ensure their protection and maximize shipping efficiency!



Once your order is pik’d and packed, we use the most effective shipping method saving you time and money.

Pick Pack
Pick, Pack, Ship
Pik N Pack is a highly interactive Third-Party Logistics (3PL) company that allows you to upload and create an environment in which we can fulfill your ecommerce orders directly to your consumer. We strive to ensure that you are able to keep growing your business right from your online platform. This way, we can make sure you, and your customers are kept happy and in the know.
We provide the highest quality services when it comes to fulfillment, storing your goods in our well networked warehouses, and digital platform to allow you to stay connected with the technology that keeps you and your business growing. With our platform, you’ll be able to fulfill orders, and improve your transit time, shipping costs, and experience on customer ordering all in one shot.
What you’ll gain from using our platform

  • Cost savings from picking, packing and shipping
  • Increase the amount in which customers order using your services (more items, more value)!
  • Reduction in the rate of cart abandonment
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes for your team to fulfill orders received
Fulfillment Done Right
At our fulfillment center, we’ll be able to provide the most optimal results for you so that you can get what you need where it’s meant to be. We pride ourselves on being able to get your items shipped to your customers doorstep quickly and efficiently.
Once you’re ready to expand your business, we’re here to help as well! With our vast warehouse space, we’re ready for whatever products you need to store. We’ll have the space that you need to fill, and get it where it needs to go.
Pick Pack
Pick Pack
Fulfillment Right From Your Computer
Pik N Pack will soon be offering our web-based software which provides you with a way to manage your logistics all through one platform. You can manage and edit your orders, track your stock in real-time across all of our fulfillment centers, and you can also receive notices or alerts when stock is running low for your inventory, all included in one place.
We know how complicated putting together a business can be, so we strive to make it easy. With tools that allow you to customize your business and create a meaningful experience, right in the palm of your hands. Our online platform allows you to track information and insights into your business, view reports and analytics to help you grow and become an even stronger competitor.
Fast, effective, and affordable shipping
Pricing that makes sense and is easy to understand
Whether big or small, we’ve got the fulfillment services to fit your needs
Worldwide shipping made easy
We want to grow and watch you grow in return, that’s why we use our network of fulfillment centers to help you strategically place and control the inventory you have to reduce shipping costs and transit times for your customers.